How to Find a Hand Model

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So your nation-wide company or even your small, local, beauty supply store is looking to market a new skin cream to the public by running a few print ads in magazines or in local advertising. You would like to discover someone with great legs, hands, or feet with beautiful skin to use in your ad for the skin cream. However, you are not sure how to begin. What you need is a body parts model. A body parts model is an atypical model from your fashion and runway model in that they have a particular asset or set of assets that are superb, such as a hand model would have slender, straight fingers and evenly shaped nails and cuticles for an up close shot.

But where do you find such a model?

Many larger modeling agencies will have specific body parts modeling departments. Upon your request, they may be able to produce a selection of models with exquisite hands that will satisfy your needs.

However, the growing trend is for body parts models to create their own personal web pages with access to their professional pictures. Employers are encouraged to search for hand models, and thus can skip the agency as the middle man and personally pick their model out of the many marketable hand models on the web.

It is also becoming popular for models to market themselves on model search websites, where models are selected from a list of potential models to meet employers more specific needs. Often, models can be searched by location which can cut costs to the employer when a local hand model is chosen.

If the employer chooses to find their own hand model on the web, it is necessary that the employer screen the potential hand models for the job more thoroughly then they would if they went through an agency. This is because of course there are no requirements for work experience, professionalism, or reasonable model demands when searching for hand models on the web that an agency will likely guarantee when using one of their hand models.

However, if the employer is willing to sacrifice a bit more time to guarantee legitimacy with a hand model they find on the internet, then the employer will be able to be more selective with their choice as they will have a wider range of hand models to choose from as compared to the limited number of hand models offered through any single agency or even grouping of agencies. Often, agencies may only have 1 or 2 hand models that they use since body parts modeling is a smaller industry than your typical type of modeling. For example, maybe you would like a hand model that has both nice hands and feet, but the hand model in the agencies you contact are strict hand models. You might save yourself some time as the employer by searching for that special candidate on the internet.

Good luck in your search!

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How to Find a Hand Model

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This article was published on 2010/03/28